What You Need to Know About Arthritis


May is arthritis awareness month. It is a time when we bring attention to the disease affecting 23% or 54 million of all American adults, specifically the burden it holds to the whole community, the initiatives to create a conversation around the disease, and above all, what each of us can do to contribute and support to the campaign.

The importance of the contribution of every one of us in the community cannot be overstated because of how extensive the effects of the disease are.

But per our home health aide in Connecticut and any healthcare professional would tell you, to encourage people to take part in the efforts, they must have information and a clear picture of what they’re facing to see its urgency and its importance.

That is why, as your partners in health and a provider of home health care in Connecticut at Quality Staffing Homemaker-Home Health Aide Agency, we have listed down some of the most vital facts everyone should know about.

  • There are more than 100 types of arthritis.
  • Arthritis affects every age—working adults, older adults, and even children.
  • Arthritis is not simply joint pain; it can be disabling. Today it accounts as the number one cause for work disability in the country.
  • Arthritis can make it more difficult to manage chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
  • Individuals with arthritis can improve their functionality by about 40% through exercise and physical activity.
  • Arthritis cases will increase as the nation’s population surges forward and thus the increased need for nurse aide and personal care attendant services.

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