Ways You Can Support Your Loved One with Developmental Disability

Ways You Can Support Your Loved One with Developmental Disability

Having a loved one with a developmental disability is no cakewalk. Try as you might, you will not be able to help but be affected by their situation, even if you are not their primary caregiver.

You already know that supporting them is the best way you can go about their situation. But you are no home health aide in Connecticut or a healthcare professional, so how can you make sure that your support goes through and you are making a difference in their lives?

As one of the leading providers of home health care in Connecticut, we at Quality Staffing Homemaker-Home Health Aide Agency recognize that this is a recurring issue that needs to be addressed. It is also a timely topic to be discussed as we celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month this March.

  • Educate yourself about their developmental disability.
    By making sure you are sufficiently informed about their condition and how it affects them through every stage of their lives, you can be of assistance to them better, especially when they are exhibiting challenging behaviors.
  • Be there.
    Sometimes, all you need to do is be present, especially when they already have a personal care attendant to take care of their care needs. Make sure to engage them and never make them feel like they’re a burden.
  • Ensure they have a professional help.
    Having a developmental disability requires professional intervention, so make sure that they have access to it. This will not only ensure that they can continuously cope throughout their condition, but also that you and your family can respond to them better.

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