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We’ve highlighted here just a few ways to help look after your physical, emotional and mental health.

Move regularly!

Regular physical activity is well known to reduce stress while improving anxiety, tension and sleep. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity movement at least five days per week. There are many options for finding ways to move including going out for a walk, finding an online exercise session or even just dancing around the kitchen.

Eat healthily!

It goes without saying that choosing healthy foods like vegetables and fruits over highly processed items will improve a person’s wellbeing. Having said that, if this requires a lot of changes, it may be better to aim for a gradual improvement – focus on changing just one thing a day, then one thing each meal. Good nutrition is not just for your body, but your quality of life and mental health too.

Add structure to your day!

A daily routine can help with a sense of being more in control. It can also help a person to cope better with change and to form healthier habits, thereby aiding mental health and reducing stress.

Connect with people!

Maintaining relationships with loved and trusted people is vital to well-being. It may not be possible to see everyone face-to-face, but nothing is more important than finding time to focus on those who matter most.


A regular sleep pattern can have a positive impact on how you feel – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Avoid perpetual checking of the news!

Constant news and social media updates can make you more worried. If this is having an impact, try to limit the time spent engaging with your screens.

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