Things to Know About Senior Immunizations

Things to Know About Senior Immunizations

The National Immunization Awareness Month is celebrated every August. It is a yearly celebration to highlight the significance of vaccination for all people. You can use this time to contact our home health aide in Connecticut that will assist you in the immunizations.

Some preventable diseases can be avoided in seniors if they have been vaccinated. If you are looking for help, you can enlist your loved ones in our home health care in Connecticut.

Want to know the essential senior immunizations? Here are the most important vaccines to consider.

  • Influenza vaccine
    According to John Muir Health, you need to get your seniors’ annual flu vaccinations. Experts update the formulation of the flu vaccine every year to make sure it can fight off any developing strains of the virus. Any senior can take their personal care attendant to assist during the vaccination to have a guide.
  • Pneumococcal vaccine
    Pneumonia is an illness that can affect not just kids but also seniors. It can be avoided with the vaccine as a one-time vaccination. You can contact a nurse aide to know where the nearest clinic to get it.
  • Zoster vaccine
    Your elderly loved ones can make use of it to prevent shingles or a contagious blistering rash. This vaccine can minimize a shingles outbreak. Any health companion who knows where to get this vaccine can be contacted.

At Quality Staffing Homemaker-Home Health Aide Agency, we provide quality home care services. Some areas that our services cover include guiding your seniors how and where to get their scheduled immunizations.

To know more, please send us a message today.

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