Home Safety Measures for Your Seniors

Home Safety Measures for Your Seniors

Since the lockdown caused by the pandemic, many of us stay and work at home to prevent getting contacted with the coronavirus disease. The concern, however, is how to make the home safe for your seniors both from the flu-like disease and the risk of falling.

Take the following tips from your trusted provider of home health care in Connecticut:

  • Sanitize surfaces at home.
    With the help of your professional nurse aide, make sure to maintain a clean home environment by sanitizing or disinfecting the surfaces you commonly touch at home, such as doorknobs, remote controls, and computer keyboards.
  • Arrange a home inspection.
    Let a trained and hands-on home inspector check your house for damages, molds, electrical malfunctions, and more. This safety measure is especially important for seniors dealing with physical limitations. Your personal care attendant can also help with some house chores to keep your abode clean and safe.
  • Fall-proof your home.
    Senior fall is one of the causes of injuries and even death among the elderly population. A trained home health aide in Connecticut helps in decluttering your living room and kitchen to prevent any cause of fall. You may also need to install more lights in hallways and grab bars in the toilet to support your seniors.

For further information on how to make your home safe for your family members, feel free to reach out to us here at Quality Staffing Homemaker-Home Health Aide Agency. Contact our representatives at 866-656-4757 anytime at your convenience.

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