Geriatric woman and her professional caretaker sitting on a couch

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that are the most important. Having that caring someone pop in throughout the week to say hello, see how you are and share the good times with is what life is all about. That’s where companionship care comes in.

Our day-to-day companionship service provides someone to pop in on a regular basis to provide company, improve well-being and ensure peace of mind for loved ones, particularly when they live further afield.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to dance, or maybe, you’d like to join a book club to share your joy of reading with some company. Whatever your aspirations are, our caring companions are there to help you live the life you want to live. Every caregiver is specially trained and will be that perfect caring companion that is by your side. Because we take the time to get to know you, we take pride in matching you with someone we think you’ll have a great connection with. Our number one goal from companionship care is to give you a new lease of life and the confidence to do what you love.

With a companionship support plan, we can provide

  • Companionship and conversation
  • Help walking the dog
  • Company when visiting the library
  • Help buying books, magazines and newspapers
  • Someone to take you to plays, concerts and the cinema
  • Someone to accompany you for lunch, dinner, morning or afternoon tea
  • Help to arrange appointments
  • Help visiting the hairdressers
  • A friend to play cards, chess, and other favorite games
  • Help preparing and cooking meals
  • Help around the house
  • Accompanying you to the doctor and other hospital appointments
  • Helping prepare shopping lists and provide company on trips to the shops

What to expect from Quality Staffing’s Companionship Care?

  • Highly trained caregivers that are matched to your needs
  • A bespoke personal care plan
  • A dedicated care manager who will monitor your care and be your point of contact for any questions or concerns
  • Backup support from a senior care local to your area
  • Access to 24 hour on-call support services
  • Regular visits to review the care plan and ensure that you’re receiving the best quality of care
  • Regular correspondence with medical professionals and nurses

Benefits of a Companionship Care support plan

  • Greater wellbeing
  • Maintain active interests and social networks in your community
  • Less loneliness and isolation
  • Engaging conversation and day to day support
  • Reassurance for yourself and family members
  • Building a relationship with a companion
  • Confidence to do the things you love
  • Complete flexibility