Glaucoma Awareness: Why Hire a Private Nursing Aide

Vision problems, like a cataract or glaucoma, are common among our elderly community. To deal with eye impairments and other physical disabilities, hiring a private duty nurse is vital for our seniors. This service could come along with other home health offers from your trusted agency.

  • Nursing aide and the senior community.
    A senior with poor eyesight could face the risk of falling and other possible accidents. The nature of care coming from a private nursing assistant is a great help for fall prevention. You can hire a home health aide in Connecticut who is a licensed or registered nurse. This aide can do light housekeeping and other home errands.
  • Nursing aide and persons with disabilities.
    If you are dealing with a disability, whether it’s an eye impairment or not, your private nurse can be your personal care attendant. He or she can deliver various care services, such as assistance with activities of daily living and companionship. This is indispensable in aiding you to carry on with your daily tasks with minimal support.
  • Nursing aide and glaucoma awareness.
    As a trained professional from a reputable home health care in Connecticut, your nurse creates a care plan that works for your health condition. You will be reminded of the good practices to protect your eyes and the proper food to enhance your vision.

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