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AIDS Awareness: Getting Your HIV & AIDS Facts Straight

AIDS Awareness: Getting Your HIV & AIDS Facts Straight

According to the US Statistics, an estimated 1.2 million people in the US are living with HIV today, and about 14 percent of them don’t know it and need testing. Although there have been advanced treatments for HIV symptoms, the latest estimates show that prevention and treatment are not adequately reaching those who should benefit from them.

With this, we believe that knowing about the virus and the illness is the first step to prevention. So in this blog, here’s what you should know about HIV and AIDS:

  • Anyone Can Get HIV.
    Although in the US, men in the LGBTQ+ community are at greater risk of HIV infection, those who have heterosexual intercourse account for 20 percent of the new HIV infections, according to CDC reports. The virus can be spread through sharing drug paraphernalia as well.
  • You Might Have HIV but Not Know It.
    What’s dangerous about the virus is that some people can be affected by it but won’t experience the symptoms at all during the early stage of infection. One way to know for sure is to get tested before it becomes AIDS.
  • Prevention Is Key.
    Preventive treatment reduces your risk of being infected by stopping the virus from affecting your body. As much as possible, get tested at least once for HIV, or if you have multiple partners, get tested regularly. Avoid using drug paraphernalia and always practice safer intercourse.

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